Steelpac is a business unit of Energypac Power Generation Ltd., providing a complete steel-construction solution ranging from detailing to on-site structural erection along with maintenance and after sales services, all under one roof. Steelpac has grown to become one of the major suppliers of Structural Steel Buildings. It is, in fact, a designer, fabricator, erector and the supplier of Steel Building Structures.
Its campus occupies a 203,000 sq.ft. plot in Nayapara, Jainabazar, Gazipur. Besides the spacious production facility, including offices, conference rooms, training rooms, canteens as well as parking space, Steelpac has also integrated custom-made state-of-the-art equipment and highly sophisticated material handling systems in each production process.

The facilities to manufacture and supply comprises of:
⦁ Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs)
⦁ Structural Steel Products
⦁ Building Accessories

As for the policies and procedures, Steelpac ensures respect to both its staff and workers, providing them with the right tools, skills and training to bring them to an optimum level of performance.

The Steelpac team is very committed to provide the fastest response to Requests for Quotes (RFQs), fastest delivery, attention-to-details, and unrivaled customer services during all phases of interaction with its customers.

Steelpac invites you to take advantage of the above information and urges you to involve the Steelpac team right from the inception stage, so that each project is planned properly such that it provides the maximum return on investment (ROI) whilst keeping all the possible economies at work. Each project of Steelpac is treated as a unique opportunity for us to create value for the customer as well as Steelpac itself. Steelpac is backed up by assurances of reliability provided by our parent company’s 40 years of legacy in the Electro-Mechanical Engineering industry of Bangladesh.